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Bulk Almonds: Today’s Healthiest Snacking Trend

Our bulk almonds are more than just a delicious and nutritious snack—they’re also at the height of snack industry trends. Interest has been rising rapidly in plant-based foods as consumers seek alternatives to meat and dairy products. For the almond industry—which operates primarily out of California, where 82% of the global supply of almonds is produced—this has meant an uptic

What Sets Bassé Nuts Apart as a Dried Fruit Supplier

While most people associate Bassé with nuts, we do a lot more than that—including serving as an industry-leading dried fruit supplier. As part of our commitment to making healthy food more accessible and easier to work into a balanced diet, we sell dried fruit in bulk, wholesale, and as private label to retailers. This is part of an even larger mission as snack manufacturers to

Are Pumpkin Seeds A Healthy Snack?

Healthy snacks are always the better choice – not only do they satisfy our hunger, but they also have a number of benefits such as fighting weight gain, regulating our mood and helping us feel better on a daily basis. And when you can easily find superfood snacks by Bassé Nuts, why would you even consider anything else? Bassé Nuts sell shelled, roasted and salted organic pumpki

Bassé Nuts Wins a Coveted Hermes Gold Award!

As manufacturers of private label snacks, we know that a quality product is key. We also know that innovative packaging can have a major impact in captivating someone to try something new.  That is why we are proud to announce that Bassé Nuts has been awarded the Hermes Gold Award for excellence in our Almond Dippers Series package designs. We are honored to pass our success in

Food Transparency – Healthy Packaged Snacks and Organic Nuts from Canada

Why Food Transparency is Important From non-GMO dairy to organic nuts in Canada, Millenials are the largest group of consumers out there, and they care a lot about what is in their food. Today’s shoppers are doing more research into ingredients, and working hard to actively avoid processed foods and added sugars. As retailers of healthy packaged snacks, we have made it our miss

10 All-Natural Healthy Snacks That Customers Love

As wholesale snack distributors, it’s our job to stay on top of consumer trends and preferences. And overwhelmingly, we’re seeing a huge push toward packaged snack products that offer convenience without sacrificing on quality or health. Of course, we’re not the only ones noticing this shift away from high-sugar, highly-processed snacks. Some of our biggest retail partners, in