What Sets Bassé Nuts Apart as a Dried Fruit Supplier

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What Sets Bassé Nuts Apart as a Dried Fruit Supplier


While most people associate Bassé with nuts, we do a lot more than that—including serving as an industry-leading dried fruit supplier. As part of our commitment to making healthy food more accessible and easier to work into a balanced diet, we sell dried fruit in bulk, wholesale, and as private label to retailers. This is part of an even larger mission as snack manufacturers to meet the demands of today’s health-conscious snacking trends. 

The Dried Fruit Difference

Dried fruit is a nutritionally dense product that helps satisfy your sweet cravings while providing multiple nutritional benefits. Dried fruit contains a variety of nutrients such as fibre and antioxidants. Dried fruit is easy to pack for on the go snacking and helps fight mid-day sweet cravings.

At Bassé, we distribute gourmet dried fruit products that are ideal for health-conscious consumers. Our options include:

And many more…

From our bulk dried blueberries to our 100% natural dragon fruit crisps, all of our dried fruit is sourced from our trusted network of farmers so that we can ensure quality in every single bite. Meanwhile, wholesale and bulk purchase options are ideal for retailers looking to buy large quantities of healthy snack foods for their stores.

Gluten Free, Private Label, and Ready to Go

Our dried fruits are great for a lot of reasons, including their availability as a quick and easy gluten-free option. Part of our job as private label snack food manufacturers is to make it easy for retailers (and ultimately their consumers) to access gluten-free snacks that they can trust, which is why all of our dried fruit goes through comprehensive in-house quality control.

With private label services on our dried fruits, retailers have more opportunities to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty by selling unique products that other stores don’t carry. We work with businesses small and large, including large private companies like Costco and Walgreens, which benefit from carrying a wider assortment of healthy, gluten-free, and low-cost products.

As health awareness increases, so too does the demand for nutritious gluten-free snacks. Our dried fruits, nuts, and other snacks are designed to meet this demand, increasing profit margins for retail stores and serving as a preferable alternative.

Learn more about our dried fruit, and get your questions answered about our wholesale and private label services.